After A Car Accident Injury: How To Immediately Prep For Your Case

Keeping calm immediately after sustaining a car accident injury can be tough. Emotions are high and injuries may be severe. If a person is injured in a car accident and decides to take out a personal injury claim, there are steps they should take while still at the scene (if possible) that will help them begin preparing for their case and increase their chances of obtaining compensation. Here’s what to do after a car accident injury.

Seek Medical Treatment

Health comes first. An ambulance should be called, or a doctor should be sought out immediately, even if the injured person feels that their injuries aren’t significant. Most people tend to ignore injuries after a car accident, and this can prove costly for their health, and may threaten the case when they file a car accident claim. If they do not seek medical treatment, the insurance company can use this as evidence against them, stating that they were not as seriously injured as they claim to be, and they may not receive compensation.

Gather as Much Information as Possible

  • Names and Contact Information. Make a note of the names and contact information of anyone else involved in the accident. It is also important to get the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • How did the accident happen? Write down, in as much detail as possible, how the accident occurred, and where the negligent driver went wrong. Putting details on paper will help strengthen your claim of how the accident transpired.
  • Take photos. Photos should be taken of the injuries and the damaged cars. The surroundings should be photographed as well if possible, including stop signs and traffic lights. Be sure to use caution when taking photos, particularly if the accident happened during a busy drive time.

Remain at the Scene

No one should leave the scene of the accident until it is a suitable time to do so. Even if your car is drivable, you should remain in the car until the police arrive and are done with their report or assessment. The police will tell you when you can leave.

What You Should NOT Do

  • Admit Fault. Admitting fault can significantly threaten the claim. Insurance companies will look for any reason to deny or reduce claims. Instead of admitting fault, a police report should be obtained as well as detailed information and photos about the accident and injuries suffered. Even if the person injured in the accident is partly to blame, they should never admit it.
  • Post to social media. Whatever is posted on social media can also be used against them by the defense lawyer and insurance company, and can ultimately threaten the case.

Someone injured in a car accident should hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They should discuss the case and give the auto accident lawyer all the information they were able to obtain, including photos, detailed descriptions of what happened, the police report and names and contact details of everyone involved and any witnesses.

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