Mandatory Label Can Help Vehicle Owners Identify Recall Notices

A new mandatory label is expected to help consumers easily identify recall notices for motor vehicles or equipment they own. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated this new label requirement on all mailed recall notices starting February 18, 2014.

When motor vehicles or equipment are recalled, consumers need to know of these recalls so they can take immediate action and seek repairs or a replacement. When these recall notices were mailed to vehicle owners, however, they were not necessarily easy to distinguish from other mail, particularly advertising pieces that were meant to mislead consumers by mimicking the wording and presentation of legitimate safety recall notices.

The NHTSA sought to address this problem and introduced a solution in the form of an updated, mandatory label. Recalling manufacturers must use this label when issuing recalls to consumers via mail. It is easy to see and read and includes the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and NHTSA logos, as well as the statement “Issued in Accordance With Federal Law.” The top of the label is red with white block letters that read: “IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL INFORMATION.”

It is important to make sure your vehicle and its parts are registered with the manufacturer so you can be informed of any recalls. Consumers can also register their vehicles, tires and car seats with the NHTSA to receive email notifications when the manufacturer files a recall with the federal government.

Recalls are an important part of consumer protection in the United States. Manufacturers are required to produce products that are free from defects and that include appropriate warning labels. If products are poorly designed or have manufacturing defects that make them dangerous to use, manufacturers must take action and inform consumers. They must also take the necessary steps to remedy the problem, whether through a repair or replacement of the defective part.

This new label requirement should make it easier for consumers to identify recalls when they occur, but what happens if you are injured by a product that has not been recalled? The Kansas City product liability lawyers at Wendt Law Firm P.C. help vehicle owners and other consumers in the Kansas City area who have been harmed or have lost loved ones due to product defects.

Product liability, the area of law that addresses defective products, is an important area of practice for our firm. We can handle all types of product liability claims, including those that involve motor vehicles and vehicle equipment: tire blowouts, uncontrolled acceleration, engine fires, steering system failure and more. Whether or not your vehicle was subject to a recall, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. It starts with an analysis of your individual situation to determine what steps can be taken to seek justice. Call today.


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