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Drunk driving is a crime that kills. Every year, thousands of people die in alcohol-related car accidents. Many more suffer life-changing injuries, such as damage to the brain or spinal cord. People who drive under the influence and cause harmful collisions can face criminal and civil penalties for their actions. Police can charge the person with a misdemeanor or felony DUI in Kansas City, and accident victims can bring personal injury lawsuits. For legal assistance with personal injury and wrongful death claims after a DUI crash, come to Wendt Law Firm P.C. to speak with our award-winning Kansas City drunk driving accident attorneys.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Attorneys After a Kansas City Drunk Driving Accident?

  • Our KCMO injury lawyers are always prepared to go to court for drunk driving accident claims. We recognize that some cases, especially those involving serious injuries such as brain injuries and spinal injuries, cannot settle for fair amounts and require trials for full compensation.
  • Our lead attorney, Samuel Wendt, has received honors such as Top 50 Super Lawyers in Kansas City and Thomson Reuters’ Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyer several years in a row for his exceptional work in personal injury law.
  • Our drunk driving accident attorneys in Kansas City offer their legal services on a contingency fee basis. You will only pay for your Kansas City accident attorney’s fees if we are effective in winning you a compensatory award.

Why You Need a Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney After a Drunk Driving Accident

Car accidents involving a driver breaking the law by driving drunk can benefit from a lawyer’s attention. Drunk driving accidents can involve complicated factors such as negligence per se, catastrophic personal injuries, wrongful death, and criminal laws. An attorney will know how to navigate your claim in a way that will optimize your odds of securing compensation. Your Kansas City personal injury attorney will not allow an insurance company or defendant to take advantage of you. You can have peace of mind to focus on healing while your lawyer handles your claim.

Drunk Driving Statistics in Kansas City

Car keys next to an alcoholic drink in broken glass. Our tenacious Kansas City drunk driving accident attorney is prepared to fight for full compensation in your personal injury case against an intoxicated driver.

The daily death toll from drunk driving in the U.S. is around 30 people, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drunk driving takes more than 10,000 lives each year. In 2016, federal drunk driving statistics showed over one million drivers arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many defendants who cause drunk driving injuries and deaths are repeat offenders. In Kansas, there were 1,993 alcohol-related accidents in 2017, while Missouri had 2,613 the most recent year data is available. Strategies to help KC reduce the risk of drunk driving include public education, law enforcement, and technology to catch offenders before they cause car accidents.

Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities (2016)

Local law enforcement, schools, the Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Missouri Highway Patrol are all working together to stop drunk driving. These entities are using technology such as the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience to show the dangers of impaired driving to young adults and others. Zero Tolerance laws for drivers under the age of 21, an increased number of sobriety checkpoints, and enhanced driving while intoxicated detection may all help bring down the numbers of drunk drivers on KC’s roadways. In the meantime, more people become victims of these accidents almost every day in the region.

How to Recover Compensation After a Kansas City Drunk Driving Accident

Driving while impaired makes it impossible to operate a vehicle according to accepted safety standards. Intoxicated drivers can cause serious bodily injuries, property damage, and deaths. If you were involved in a crash with a drunk driver in KC, the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention for injuries. Keep your medical records and any bills relating to your accident injuries. If you are able to remain at the scene of the crash, gather information such as the other driver’s name. Call the police as soon as you suspect intoxication or if the accident resulted in injuries, death, or property damage over $500.

When the police arrive, they will order a Breathalyzer or field test if they have reason to believe the at-fault driver is intoxicated. The results of these tests will go on record and are often documented via police dashboard cameras as well. This can all serve as potential evidence in a personal injury case. If the driver fails the sobriety tests, the police may take him or her into custody. At this point, take care of your own damages and report the accident to your insurance company.

What Is Your Drunk Driving Accident Case Worth?

Many accidents involving drunk or drugged drivers are catastrophic for victims. Drunk drivers often speed, drive the wrong way, or otherwise drive recklessly, increasing the odds of a serious accident. Many victims do not survive these collisions. Those that do survive can suffer life-altering injuries such as multiple bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries. Drunk driving crash cases are often high in value in terms of insurance settlements and lawsuits.

Do not let an insurance company downplay your losses during negotiations for a settlement. Learn the true, accurate value of your case by asking a Kansas City personal injury attorney. You can trust a lawyer to want to maximize your compensatory award, not minimize it. An attorney can review your losses and help you understand whether you can seek compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, legal costs, or property damages. Then, your lawyer can help you receive a fair award through diligent legal services and aggressive representation.

How Long Do You Have to File?

Bringing your drunk driving accident claim comes with a time limit in Kansas City. Each state has unique statutes of limitations. If your crash happened on the Kansas side of state lines, you will have two years from the date of your accident to file. On the Missouri side, you will have five years – unless your case involves wrongful death, in which case you will only have three years from the date of death. Talk to a Kansas City drunk driving accident attorney right away to avoid missing your deadline.

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