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Surviving an aviation accident in Kansas City can be a highly traumatic experience. There may have been fatalities involved with other passengers or the flight crew. You may have sustained serious injuries such as burns or broken bones. A loved one may have passed away. No amount of litigation can reverse the physical and emotional scarring that a plane or helicopter crash inflicts, but it can lead to significant compensation for damages. At Wendt Law Firm P.C. our Kansas City aviation accident attorneys want to help victims of aviation accidents. Our Kansas City personal injury attorneys can skillfully handle these unique cases.

Kansas City Aviation Accident Resources

What is an Aviation Accident?

An aviation accident is an accident that takes place as a passenger boards a plane, during the flight, and upon disembarkment. Aviation accidents can take place on all types of aircraft including commercial airplanes, private planes, corporate planes, and helicopters.

What Causes Aviation Accidents?

Hundreds of aircraft get into accidents on the runway, in the air, and while landing every year. Most of these issues occur in small or private aircraft, not commercial. This is because commercial operations abide by strict quality standards and federal safety rules. The majority of aviation accidents stem from negligence. The aircraft company, a product manufacturer, the maintenance crew, the pilot, or another party went against accepted standards of care and created an unsafe condition. Common causes of aviation accidents are:

  • Incompetent flight crew. The aircraft pilot and flight crew have many responsibilities for the safety of the flight. It is their job to come to work prepared, trained, and ready for a safe flight. Incompetent or inexperienced pilots can easily lead to tragedy. Pilots may lose control of the vessel, react badly in poor weather conditions, or have a dangerous lack of understanding about the flying process.
  • Negligent air traffic controller. Pilots rely on air traffic controllers to maintain safe airways from the ground. Without an astute controller, collisions with other vessels in midair or on the runway can occur. If your accident involved a collision with another aircraft, the fault may come down to the controller.
  • Lack of aircraft maintenance. Human error in the form of a lack of aircraft maintenance can lead to deadly equipment failures. Problems with aircraft parts while in the air can lead to a devastating crash as a result of engine failure or another serious breakdown. Issues during takeoff or landing can also result in impact with the ground or other objects. These accidents may trace back to aircraft company negligence.
  • Defective aircraft part. Defective and dangerous equipment has no place on an aircraft. Unfortunately, manufacturing and distributing companies can make mistakes during design, manufacture, or marketing that can ultimately lead to a plane or helicopter crash. Product liability claims in Kansas City do not require the plaintiff to prove negligence. The injured party must only show that the part had a defect and that this caused the injury.

What are the Most Common Injuries from an Aviation Accident?

What Types of Damages Can I Collect For an Aviation Accident?

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future earnings
  • Pain and suffering

Speak to a Kansas City Aviation Accident Lawyer

Someone else’s negligence is almost always at the heart of aircraft accidents that do not result from “acts of God,” such as lightning strikes. Victims or their family members may be able to bring claims against one or more parties after a plane or helicopter crash in Kansas City. With help from an aviation accident attorney in Kansas City, they may prove negligence and recover for medical bills, physical pain, emotional anguish, lost wages, lost quality of life, and other harms. You don’t have to live with damages from an aviation accident alone. Seek help from a Kansas City personal injury accident lawyer and explore your legal opportunities. Contact Wendt Law Firm P.C. for a case evaluation today.