How Is an Injury Settlement Calculated in Missouri?

If you are injured in an accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your related losses and expenses, including your medical bills. This compensation may come in the form of a personal injury settlement with an insurance company.


What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a relatively common injury suffered in incidents such as car accidents. Depending on the degree of the injury, whiplash can cause long-lasting pain and loss of mobility in the neck. It is typically possible to make a full


What to Do After Being in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver

Under Missouri’s fault-based insurance law, the driver who is at fault for a car accident is the one who pays for related medical bills and property repairs. If you get into an accident with a driver who is uninsured or


Is Lane Splitting Legal in Missouri?

Lane splitting, also called lane filtering, is a hotly debated topic among state lawmakers, the motorcycle community and motor vehicle drivers. Lane splitting has become a point of contention due to disagreements on whether or not it is safe for


What Personal Property Can Be Seized in a Judgment in Kansas?

In a civil lawsuit such as a personal injury case, if the injured victim (plaintiff) receives a court-approved judgment, it becomes the defendant’s legal responsibility to pay the judgment. However, not every defendant or debtor pays the money owed right


What Information Do I Need to File a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Medical malpractice is arguably the most complicated type of claim in personal injury law. Many states make it difficult for injured victims (plaintiffs) to recover financial compensation from hospitals and health care providers out of a desire to discourage frivolous


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