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X ray of broken arm bones. In the wake of an accident or a sustained injury, confronting the potential costs can be overwhelming. If you’ve experienced a bone injury due to the fault of another person or entity, you have every right to seek fair compensation from the liable parties.

Here at Wendt Law in Kansas City, our broken bone injury lawyers are prepared and equipped to fight for justice on your behalf. We will defend your legal rights against those accountable. Bone injuries sustained due to the negligence of others deserve fair compensation.

Those who have suffered from bone injuries know how long and painful the process can be. At Wendt Law, we team you up with our most experienced personal injury lawyers to address your case. Our lawyers give personal attention to each personal injury case to build a strong and fair settlement on your behalf.

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Assessing Bone Injury

Bones are the blueprint of the body, and an injury to this physical foundation can create medical complications, economic damages, and disrupt your personal life. Although our bones can handle extended use and regular pressures, they are susceptible to physical limits and potential damage.

The nature of these accidents is that they are unexpected. Yet, a bone fracture can often hinder your daily routine, and a broken bone can put you out of commission for an extended time making work and day-to-day life difficult and someones impossible.

Recovery from a bone injury can be a lengthy process, and the stress of the resulting costs can be another weight on an already heavy situation. These serious injuries can result in lost wages, future physical therapy, extensive medical care, and even permanent disability leading to unexpected and costly medical bills.

Along with the physical stress of personal injury accidents, can come the emotional distress of enduring an injury while navigating a broken bone claim. Our lawyers are here to facilitate these processes, making an unfortunate event manageable for you while bringing you justice.

Common Incidents Leading to Broken Bone Injury

Although we understand that every accident varies, here we lay out frequent accidents our law firm faces varying from minor to severe accidents.

  • Vehicle, truck accidents, and car accidents: Vehicles moving at high speeds can lead to harsh impacts inflicted on the body. This can result in broken wrists, arms, or leg bones. A more severe auto accident can cause a more severe outcome such as spinal cord damage, head injuries, or skull fractures. Due to the more intensive build of truck machinery, truck accidents can result in serious injuries requiring more intensive care.
  • Motorcycles accidents: Due to the more exposed nature of motorcycling, accidents involving motorcyclists can result in more critical injuries and broken bone complications. These accidents may cause life-threatening injuries that require longer more costly medical treatment.
  • Pedestrian accidents and bike accidents: An accident involving a pedestrian or cyclist with a motor vehicle can be catastrophic. Similar to motorcyclists, the exposed nature of a pedestrian or cyclist can commonly result in broken bone injuries. Pedestrian and bike accidents may occur independently from automotive vehicles.
  • Slip and falls and acts of violence: Unkempt work environments can create hazardous situations where slips and falls become inevitable. The upkeep of a working environment is crucial to negate such accidents. Falls can occur during a sports activity, and if the area of play has been neglected a property owner can be at fault. Acts of violence can result in bone injuries where the victim deserves justice for their suffering from the perpetrator.

Who is Liable for Your Broken Bone Injury?

Dependent on the factors involved in each situation, the liability in a broken bone case may differ. Analyzing your situation, our team will work to distinguish who may be held responsible.

During your free case evaluation our team may ask for details on how the bone was broken, where you were when you broke the bone, and what you were doing when you broke the bone. With this information, an experienced personal injury attorney at Wendt Law in Kansas City can determine who is at fault.

Common entities held accountable:

  • The other driver.
  • Property owner.
  • Government agency.
  • Part manufacturer.
  • Contractor.
  • Trucking company.
  • An individual.

Along with factors about the incident, the severity of the injury and accrued medical bills will affect your compensation. Severe accidents resulting in severe injuries may lead to prolonged medical care and expenses which entitles the injured person to a larger settlement.

Types of Bone Fractures

Broken bones, also known as bone fractures, and other orthopedic damages are common injuries following accidents. Types of bone fractures differ and the severity of damage caused by an accident affects the personal injury case.

Common types of bone fractures:

  • Hairline or stress fractures: tiny cracks on the bone
  • Closed fractures: The bone is fractured, but the skin is intact
  • Open fracture or compound fractures: The bone has broken through the skin
  • Complete fractures: The fractured bone has segmented due to the break

The location of the injury can drastically affect the severity. For example, bone injuries in the skull or spinal cord can be serious and require extensive and sometimes long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation. The most severe accidents can cause permanent disabilities.

Severely broken bones tend to require surgery and the implementation of hardware such as screws, pins, and plates. Hardware typically requires regular follow-ups which accrued medical costs.

Compensation and Value of a Claim

How much is your case worth? The answer depends on the components of your broken bone case. The compensation can range from a few thousand to millions of dollars depending on the situation and details of the case.

Common factors affecting a personal injury claim:

  • Overall cost of medical treatment
  • Cumulative lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Severity of injury
  • Future and ongoing rehabilitation

Additional Problems

Aside from the physical complications around a broken or fractured bone, come the mental and personal damages. Broken bones tend to be injuries demanding long-term care and rehabilitation. Being unexpectedly taken out of your routine due to an accident can have profound effects on mental well-being. Following broken bone injuries, victims tend to battle with mild to severe depression, as well as heightened anxiety around health and welfare.

The traumatic event that led to the accident can negatively affect mental wellness and therefore personal and professional life. These combinations of health problems can cause a serious strain on a person or family in Kansas City.

Recovery from Broken or Fractured bones

Following a severe accident, the recovery process can feel like a daunting journey ahead. Broken and fractured bones can take several weeks up to several months to fully heal. During the healing process, an injured person may be unable to return to work and may require daily personal assistance or rehabilitation. With the cost of lost wages, medical bills, and other economic losings, the price of an injury can greatly surmount. If the injuries suffered are the fault of someone else’s negligence, the victim deserves a fair settlement to cover all economic damages.

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Contingency fees allow individuals who may not initially have the resources the opportunity to seek compensation for their losses.

By getting in contact with our law office in Kansas City as quickly as possible, you heighten your chance of recovering damages. The swifter our law team can obtain data and evidence for your case, the quicker we can get your compensation to you.

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