Why Are Kansas City Semi Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

Commercial truck tipped on its side in the middle of an intersection. Our Kansas City truck accident lawyers defense those injured by semi trucks and big rigs.When commercial trucks collide with passenger vehicles, catastrophic injuries can occur. Many factors contribute to truck accidents, but the results are often tragic regardless of the cause.

If you sustained injuries in an accident, it is essential to seek the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer. Being in a semi-truck accident can have a lasting impact on your life, so it’s crucial to discuss your legal options with a professional.

Why Semi-Trucks Can Cause Catastrophic Accidents

Size Difference

Large trucks are often involved in fatal crashes because the size disparity between the vehicles results in severe damage to the other car. The size of semi trucks also contributes to car accidents since drivers cannot always see when cars are near them.

Carrying Hazardous Materials

Many truck drivers haul hazardous materials regularly, such as gasoline, ethanol, pesticides, and radioactive materials. While dangerous cargo may not pose a problem when all goes well, when a semi-truck accident does occur, there’s an increased risk of serious injury to all parties involved.

Numerous Blind Spots

Even though it’s easy to spot a large truck, it can be challenging for the driver to see you. Trucks may offer the driver a bird’s eye view, but blind spots limit a truck driver’s ability to see the average passenger car.

When sharing the road with semis, remember that drivers cannot see right in front of their vehicles or directly behind them. Remember, too, that they can’t stop nearly as quickly as a passenger vehicle. Behaviors like cutting off semi-trucks can cause motor vehicle accidents and fatal injuries. 

Vulnerable to Weather

It isn’t only passenger vehicles that struggle during inclement weather. Semi-trucks have difficulties, too.

Wet roads, poor visibility, and wind gusts can cause truck accidents. Factors such as weather and road conditions determine how fast a truck driver can stop safely.

Hauling Heavy Loads

One of the reasons trucking accidents often cause serious injuries is because of the amount of weight the rig carries. The more weight a vehicle is hauling, the more force it will bring into a car accident.

When a truck crashes into a car or cars, the truck’s mass is much greater than that of the other vehicles. This mass has a much greater impact than if two regular cars collided, resulting in greater damage.

Lower Maneuverability

Semi trucks cannot stop or turn as quickly as everyday vehicles. The tractor trailers’ length and the axles’ placement require commercial trucks to take wide turns.

Smaller vehicles can make sudden movements without losing control. However, heavy vehicles are at risk for rollover accidents if they aren’t steered carefully.

Truck Drivers: Errors Causing Accidents

Driver Fatigue

Many trucking companies have their drivers working long hours. Overwork increases the risk of a fatigue-related accident. 

When truck drivers fall asleep at the wheel, the outcome is often horrific. And when drivers operate a vehicle while exhausted, they risk themselves and other drivers.

Distracted Driving

Just because someone drives commercially doesn’t mean they’re immune to the lure of using their cell phone while operating a vehicle. Professional drivers may even be more tempted to use their phones while driving than the average driver. 

Spending long hours behind the wheel can make sending a few texts seem inconsequential, especially if traffic is light. Unfortunately, distracted driving is dangerous driving, and collisions with life-altering consequences can happen in the time it takes to read a text message.

Poor Maintenance

A semi truck that hasn’t been properly maintained is an accident waiting to happen. For example, worn-out tires are prone to blowouts, and deteriorated brake pads prevent semis from stopping promptly. 

Sometimes maintenance is the driver’s responsibility. However, there are situations where it will be the trucking company’s responsibility. In rare cases, it may even be the responsibility of a maintenance mechanic who failed in their responsibilities or lied about the truck’s condition to the driver or trucking company. 

Improperly Loaded Tractor Trailers

Shifting cargo can cause drivers to lose control of their rig and even cause a rollover accident. Cargo may either strike a passenger vehicle or make other motorists crash trying to avoid hazardous materials.

Intoxicated Driving

Since truck drivers have commercial driver’s licenses, they face more significant consequences for accidents involving alcohol than average drivers. For example, in Kansas, it is illegal for passenger car drivers to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .08%. 

However, drivers holding a commercial license will be charged with a DUI if their BAC is .04% or more. Semi truck drivers can lose their ability to drive commercially if they drive while intoxicated, but some individuals still do, which can result in collisions. 

Are Semi Trucks More Dangerous Than Passenger Vehicles?

There are more car crashes annually than semi accidents, but the damage resulting from trucking accidents is more severe. The average passenger vehicle cannot withstand impact from a vehicle the size of a tractor-trailer.

Trucks carrying heavy loads intensify the damage caused by the collision. This can leave victims with catastrophic injuries.

How Do I Prove Who Is At Fault For a Commercial Truck Accident in Kansas?

Truck accidents aren’t always the fault of the truck driver. Numerous factors contribute to an accident.

You’ll have to prove you were not at fault if you wish to pursue compensation for your medical bills and property damage. An experienced truck accident lawyer will collect evidence, witness statements, and records of your sustained injuries to prove the driver was at fault.

How Will a Lawyer Help Me?

A truck accident attorney can fight for compensation for your personal injuries. They can also pursue any lost wages, file your truck accident claim, and examine your medical records and the accident report.

If you sustained severe injuries, contacting an attorney who practices personal injury law should be your first step following a commercial truck accident. The victim’s immediate family can pursue justice for fatal crashes.

What Are Common Injuries Following Truck Accidents?

Truck accident injuries are often severe, and crashes involving multiple other vehicles can be fatal. The most common injuries reported by victims following a crash include the following:

Working with an experienced truck accident attorney offers you the best chance of getting compensation. The insurance adjuster working for the trucking company will not be inclined to treat you fairly, so you’ll want to make sure you have a lawyer to look out for you.

What Are the Weight Limits For Commercial Trucks?

The total combined truck weight for a fully loaded rig is 80,000 pounds. Truck drivers are responsible for knowing the weight of their rig at all times.

What Are the Most Common Types of Commercial Truck Accidents?

Rear-end Collisions

Tailgating, distracted driving, and speeding can all contribute to rear-end collisions. Many accidents have also been caused by a fatigued driver whose delayed reaction time kept them from stopping their semi truck in time.

Lane Change Collisions

If a driver fails to check for traffic before changing lanes or has a car in their blind spot, they can easily sideswipe another vehicle. In an attempt to avoid this, it is common for a trucking company to place a sticker on their rigs reminding drivers that if they can’t see a semi truck’s mirrors, the truck driver can’t see them.

Reactive Collisions

Many truck drivers report passenger cars being driven dangerously as a contributing factor in accidents. Since you risk severe injuries and property damage in any collision, it’s essential to practice safe driving habits.

Injured in a Truck Accident?

If you were in a truck accident and believe negligence caused it, you’ll need to contact a truck accident lawyer. Working with a lawyer who practices personal injury law will help you minimize your personal injuries’ impact on your financial situation. 

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

Relying on the trucking company to do the right thing is a gamble. Companies will look out for their best interest, not what’s best for you.

Seeking help is the best way to ensure your collision with a commercial truck doesn’t have lasting financial consequences. Reach out to our skilled team at Wendt Law Firm P.C. at 816-542-6734 and schedule a free case review today.

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