Kansas City Sexual Abuse Attorney: Standing Up For Victims of Assault.

Close up of hands and someone being held down due to sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is a more common issue than many might think. According to RAINN, an American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. Childhood sexual abuse cases are more prevalent than people expect too. Child sexual abuse takes place once every nine minutes.

So, why is legal action so important?

A sexual abuse survivor may want to seek justice, but it’s not always easy. Only 25 of every 1,000 people that commit sexual assault go to prison for their crimes, even after facing criminal charges and, in many cases, even criminal prosecution.

Sexual abuse victims often require specialist support, and legal recourse won’t always be the first thing on their minds. There will usually be emotional distress following any case of sexual assault, and it’s often best to focus on medical attention and direct support in the immediate aftermath.

However, once an individual’s wellbeing has been addressed and taken care of, it’s time to contact a personal injury lawyer to start the process of a sex abuse claim.

At Wendt Law, we focus on creating the ideal attorney-client relationship for sexual assault survivors and treat every case with the care and sensitivity required to support those that have suffered sexual abuse.

Our goal is to help with civil litigation and criminal trials depending on the nature of the claim. We seek to help victims in Kansas City, navigate the criminal courts, and achieve monetary compensation, legal fees, and other restitution for victims.

We proudly offer a free consultation on all cases, so call us today. No matter the nature of your case and your experience in the justice system, we want to speak to you if you’ve been sexually abused or suffered from sexual harassment.

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What To Do After a Sexual Assault

Unwanted sexual acts and other cases can cause emotional pain beyond any other crimes. We understand the sensitive nature of these crimes, and immediate support may come from medical practitioners or friends and family.

If you’ve recently experienced sexual abuse, do the following before seeking legal assistance:

  • Ensure your safety.
  • Seek out support that works for you, such as through the National Sexual Assault Hotline.
  • Decide if you need medical assistance.

Once you’re in a position to better process the events that have taken place, it may be time to seek out legal support.

Naturally, a free case evaluation with a Kansas City sexual abuse attorney will not be the first thing on your mind following the incident, but we want you to know that we’re here when you need us. 

Incidents of individuals being sexually abused can lead to:

  • A civil lawsuit.
  • Criminal charges and prison sentences.
  • Economic damages and medical expenses.

Proper legal representation from personal injury attorneys, can help sexual abuse survivors to make sense of the ordeal they’ve suffered, obtain compensation, and serve justice to the sexual abuser.

Many serious cases end up in criminal courts, but a criminal case is not the only way to follow up on cases of sex abuse, sexual harassment, or other legal issues. A personal injury lawsuit can also result in a civil claim beyond the conventional coverage of the criminal system. Even in these cases, it’s possible to claim punitive damages, and protecting victims remains just as high a priority.

Supporting Sexual Abuse Survivors

Such is the nature of Kansas City sexual abuse cases and indeed those that take place all over the country that your mind may not immediately turn to a civil lawsuit or attempts to recover compensation.

Nevertheless, when you’re ready, your actions following a case of sexual abuse can help both you and others going forward. Sexual abuse is not confined to certain areas or people, and every successful prosecution can help protect society and ensure that another sex offender is unable to continue to commit crimes.

This may be achieved through financial penalties, jail time, or a range of other punishments.

While it can be tempting to remain silent, especially when the abuse occurred because of a family member or powerful individuals, such as clergy members, negligent hiring, or negligent supervision, legal procedures are often a vital step for victims to heal emotional scars and to improve life quality.

What To Expect From a Criminal Sexual Abuse Case

While sexual abuse often leads to a myriad of emotions and feelings, legal action can help victims to find closure and also provide financial support, covering medical bills, tangible costs, and lost wages.

It’s often best to report the incident to law enforcement as quickly as possible after the sexual abuse occurred. This gives police and others the best chance of helping victims and understanding the circumstances that may ultimately lead to legal issues.

In Kansas City, it’s initially up to the survivor to decide whether to press charges. However, the ultimate decision lies with the state. In some cases, law enforcement may choose to push through with a criminal case even if the victim decides against it, although this is relatively uncommon.

Sometimes, the state may decide against pressing charges, even if the victim of sex abuse wishes to do so. A lack of evidence, reasonable doubt, or difficulty officially identifying a suspect can lead to a reduced chance for the prosecuting attorney to prove guilt.

Only 13 in every 1,000 rape cases are referred to a prosecutor. Should your case proceed to trial, you’ll have the full support of one of our lawyers, with experience in the practice areas that matter to the case at hand.

As always, we treat all cases with the sensitivity they deserve and will work with you to ensure that legal proceedings are as uncomplicated and comfortable as possible.

What If My Case Doesn’t Lead to Criminal Charges?

While the state’s decision is often final when looking to press criminal charges, unwillingness to proceed does not close the matter entirely.

Kansas City residents also have the option of filing a civil suit. These civil cases take place in a civil court in the Kansas City area and you’ll receive support from specialist civil attorneys.

When a case lands in civil court, the focus is no longer on sending the sex abuser to prison. Instead, a civil lawsuit is designed to seek financial compensation for the victim.

Financial Restitution

Applicable restitution can vary depending on the nature of the case. It’s vital that sex abuse victims enter these cases understanding that their compensation is often based on genuine loss rather than as a form of punishment. As such, if the case is proven, the victim can expect financial payouts to cover:

  • Medical bills.
  • Lost income as a result of sexual abuse.
  • Legal bills.

With that said, there will also be an opportunity to seek non-economic damages following the intentional infliction of sexual abuse should the incident result in lifestyle changes or ongoing pain and suffering.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Sexual Abuse Cases in Kansas City?

These cases can often be among the most difficult to see through the justice system. Statistics indicate that those that successfully prosecute following a sexual abuse case are in the minority.

However, that’s what makes experienced legal representation so critical. At Wendt Law, our attorneys have combined decades of experience in the most sensitive cases, and work tirelessly to ensure that victims receive the support they need while ensuring that perpetrators do not have the opportunity to commit further crimes.

Crucially, we work with survivors for the entirety of the legal process and bring clarity to inherently complex procedures.

Complex Procedures Made Simple

Essentially, the legal framework surrounding cases of sexual abuse in Kansas City and beyond can be particularly tricky to navigate.

Experience and passion matter when working towards the victim’s desired outcome. This is particularly true in cases where individuals may continue to experience mental and emotional distress.

A Skilled Legal Supporter

You need someone that can focus on the specifics of legal action and compensation on your behalf, without any need for you to worry about the legal system or the perpetrator, and that’s precisely what we always intend to do.

We strive to be more than just your legal representative. We look to be your partner in making sense of the events that have transpired and taking on the specialist work involved in bringing the perpetrator to justice. An experienced, compassionate attorney will ensure you receive the best possible legal assistance.

Contact Wendt Law for a Free Consultation

We know that it can take time to come to terms with a sexual abuse case, and everyone is different in terms of how they want to approach seeking justice and obtaining compensation.

When you’re ready to proceed, we’re here to help and answer any questions you may have regarding your sexual assault case. Our free consultation means you don’t need to worry about fees or any initial obligations. We work alongside you and for you to ensure the right outcome following a traumatic experience.

We provide legal support to those in need, beginning with a free consultation, enabling you to speak with a skilled sexual assault attorney that can provide valid, genuine insight into what to expect from upcoming litigation.

Contact Wendt Law today at (816)-542-6734 to get the process underway and schedule an initial chat with a legal expert.


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